Visit our online store today to complete your online grocery shopping.  You won't find fresher, higher quality produce anywhere else!

Stellar Sweet Corn

  Grown and harvested with a careful eye, our sweet corn is exactly what you expect out of a locally picked ear of corn.  

Incredible Radishes

  Smooth, not too bitter and the best radishes money can buy.  I was never a radish fan until I grew my own and oh my goodness they are good.

CSA Topeka Kansas
Amazing Asparagus

  Filled with wonderful flavor and health benefits, asparagus is one of my single most favorite foods.  Our greenhouse grown Asparagus is available 9 months of the year!

Cherry/Slicer Tomatoes

Just like out of grandma's garden.  We are frequently praised on the quality of all of our tomato varieties.  Our carefully selected heirloom varieties have provided much satisfaction in our community. 

Salem Farms Our Products

Loose Leaf Lettuce

  Our Heirloom varieties of loose leaf lettuce provide an exceptional salad experience.  The smooth sweet texture and nutritional benefits make our lettuce a very popular alternative to the store bought varieties

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Misc. Vegetable crops

  We have several small plots of various vegetable varieties throughout the seasons.  These include broccoli, beets, peppers, onions, garlic peas and squash


Our organic/local melon and cantaloupe varieties are full of flavor and so delicious you almost feel guilty eating them.

Misc. Fruit Crops

  We often offer a limited quantity of several fruit crops we grow mainly for our families consumption.  We often have a limited quantity of blueberries, blackberries, rasberries, strawberries, figs and okra at our stand.